Rules are made to be broken. 

That’s what NYC musician, Elijah Dawson, is told constantly upon informing people of his Rule Book, but he disagrees. Rules help upkeep society, prevent chaos, and they help keep him from getting involved in meaningless relationships. Elijah learned the hard way that he’s terrible at being a boyfriend – people only end up getting hurt. To keep things simple, he lives his life by the Playboy Commandments:

1. No Repeats.
2. No Staying the night.
3. NO Kissing.
4. No Pet Names. Seriously. Don't.
5. The drunker the sex, the better.

Things change when he steps on an iPhone en route to his dead-end job. After connecting with the phone’s owner, he finds that the man is Grayson Paul – the son of one of the most powerful men in all of New York City. Grayson is so much more than the guys Elijah finds himself taking home from bars – he’s gorgeous, passionate, and completely uninterested in a relationship. This must be fate, right? 

Only Grayson isn’t all that interested… 

Being hired at the billion-dollar record label owned by his very own father was supposed to be the highlight of Grayson’s life. Instead, he spends his first couple years out of college as a professional fetcher of chai lattes. Buying beverages and making copies wasn’t exactly what Grayson wanted to do in the family business. His best friends want him to stop obsessing over work and get laid, or in the very least date a couple guys, but love and meaningless sex are nothing but distractions. What Grayson really needs is an artist of his own.

It seems that his prayers are answered when he realizes the stupidly charming guy who found his iPhone is an incredible musician. Talented isn’t powerful enough a word to describe Elijah – he has a voice like no other and looks capable of making girls and boys swoon. 

Elijah doesn’t need to be told that he has potential as a performer – he knows he’s good. But no amount of money is worth having his privacy invaded. Unfortunately for Grayson, Elijah would rather work paycheck-to-paycheck than see his business on a gossip blog. 

Maybe agreeing to compromise will help both men realize that what they really needed was right there all along.

Bentley Williams never thought he’d hit rock bottom at 19-years-old. From top-rated college running back to homeless, girlfriend-less, UCLA dropout, Bentley can’t help but wonder if he’s making the right decision. Pursuing a career as a BMX rider likely means a life of struggling to afford groceries, but he can’t imagine doing anything else. The sport’s in his blood. After a visit to his uncle’s shop involves him flirting with the green-eyed new guy instead of looking for a new bike, Bentley ends up questioning himself even more.

Kit Edwards was used to being treated like a leper in his small hometown of Junction, Ohio. After foolishly getting involved with the closeted high school quarterback, he decides to move as far away for school as possible. UCLA is perfect – the weather is beautiful, his roommate isn’t crazy, and people couldn’t care less about his orientation. 

People care so little that Kit finds himself in a flirting match with the unfairly attractive guy that wanders into the bike shop where he works. But, Kit refuses to go down that road again. Popular athletes were a no, and straight guys were a definite no. Bentley doesn’t seem interested in going away, and as a friendship forms, Kit promises himself he won’t make the same mistake twice. 



Things don’t usually go well for Julian Waters. Although he’s a football player at USC, he barely gets any time of the field. He may have a sweet apartment near campus, but he’s embarrassingly behind on rent. It doesn’t help knowing that his parents are struggling back in Pittsburgh to pay for his tuition. Places aren’t looking to hire a student with limited availability, but Julian’s roommate doesn’t care for the excuses. He gets that he needs to pay his fair share, but the constant reminder of how he’s not contributing isn’t helping – it’s driving him insane. 

The only constant in his life seems to be Alice, but she’s strictly in it for the sex, wanting no emotional involvement whatsoever. It may sound nice on paper, but Julian isn’t entirely opposed to having a friend in all of this.

When he stumbles across a modeling casting call online, Julian’s eyes go wide at the $1,000 per gig payoff – that is until he realizes just what type of ‘male modeling’ he’d be doing. Gay porn is out of the question for Julian. First off, he’s straight, and second, there’s no amount of money anyone could pay him to have sex with someone on camera, no matter the gender. 

Then again, they are paying a thousand dollars a video... How hard could it be? Maybe an audition could change his mind.


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